Partners and sponsors


 Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), the first partner of EASCO.    The CNRS is the first partner of EASCO, since it is the employer of one of the members of the association (M. Mezzina), it hosts the laboratories of other members, it allocates human resources, facilities and services for the activities of the association and it has affiliated EASCO as the SNC 9134 since January 2011.
Other partners of EASCO
Région Ile-de-France The Conseil Régional d'Ile-de-France (CRIdF)
provided financial contrubution to EASCO, in supporting its activities of prom otion of european projects on training, research & innovation by submitting proposals to the European Commission along the FP7. The CRIdF granted EASC O with three contracts in 2007-2009 in the frame of the SEPPE program

 Association Française contre les Myopathies (AFM) Since 2001 the AFM supports financially and contribute to the succes of the conferences and workshops on gene therapy vectors, which have been organized by the members of EASCO. The AFM provides grants, scientific advise, human resources and facilities & services to help the achievment of the events [The EASCO members who organized the events are reseachers who worked or work in Généthon in R&D projects on vectors and gene therapy.]

The European Commission (EC) - Marie Curie Actions is the most important EC program for mobility, research-training and networking activities. The EASCO members are participants or coordinators of several projects with consortia gathering several dozens of laboratories throughout overall the EU. Furthermore, EASCO develops a program of promotion of the collaborative European R&D projects and mobility of researchers in assisting institutions and individual researchers in building new consortia, training on EC proposals, assisting in the preparation of the dossiers and stimulating/implementing the contacts between the laboratories and the Commission.
University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and ARK Therapeutics The UEF and ARK Therapeutics* have co-organized the KuopioEMBOlabcourse on August-September 2010 in Kuopio and have committed EASCO to organize the event on the basis of a partnership. EASCO served the two institutions in taking care of the overall organization of the event (elaboration of the program, mobilization of the sponsors, management reporting etc...). The UEF is now one of the partners of the ADVance ITN, where EASCO will have in charge the training and dissemination activities.

Shanghai Telebio Biomedical This is a company created in 2007 by Guanghua YANG,one of the students of the Eurolabcourse in Evry, where he learned the lentiviral vector technology and he exploited it to create and develop his company. Therefore, TELEBIO Biomedical produces now lentiviral vectors and other reagents for gene transfer for the chinese scientific community. It is thus an example of the transformation of new knowledge and expertise on vector technology acquired with the EASCO training initiatives, into a service that implements the research potential of China in this field. The company as established a long term commitment with EASCO in order to implement the entrepreunership in researchers.

CONSERT IP and MOLEDA projects The CONSERT Integrated Project (IP) on the gene therapy for inherited diseases and the MOLEDA (Molecular Optimisation of Laser Electrotransfer DNA Administration) were two R&D projects funded by the European Commission during the FP6. These projects, which gathered about 20 European institutions (academic and industries), aimed at the implementation of the optimization of the retroviral & lentiviral vectors (CONSERT) and of the non-viral vectors (MOLEDA). The courses in 2007, the Moleda summer school and in 2008, the CONSERT labcourse have been a part of the training & dissemination activities of these projects.
CLINIGENE NoE project The CLINIGENE Network of Excellence (NoE) is a project funded by the European Commission started in the 6th framework program (FP6). This project gathers 29 academic and 9 industries in its consortium aiming at the implementation of the clinical progression of gene therapy research in Europe. The three symposia and practical courses on gene therapy vectors organized in 2007, the Moleda summer school, in 2008, the CONSERT labcourse and in 2  010, the KuopioEMBOlabcourse), organized by EASCO, have been part of the training & dissemination activities of the CLINIGENE NoE.
European Organisation of Molecular Biology (EMBO). The EMBO sponsored the courses and wo     rk  s  hops organised in Evry (France) and in Kuopio (Finland). We are studying the possibility to implement a program of courses and conferences in emerging countries in Asia and Africa. 
GENOPOLE (Evry, France) has supported and co-organised training and dissemination activities during the past decade in co-partnership with Généthon, where the main members of the EASCO's board were established.